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New York Strip Steaks Fresh Cut

12 x 7oz.

Our classic, Choice boneless New York Strip steak is cut from the heart of the loin. One of the most popular steaks at fine restaurants because of its robust flavor and tenderness. A truly hearty steak.

Ribeye Steaks

12 x 7oz.

Ribeyes are distinguished by their rich marbling and the "flavor Kernel" that runs through the steak. It's this marbling which slowly melts and bastes the meat during the cooking process, imparting a mellow, succulent, prime rib flavor. There are leaner cuts of meat available, but rich marbling makes ribeyes the juiciest of steaks with an intense, savory appeal.

Premium Sirloin Patties

18 x 6oz.

Once you savor the hearty taste of our Premium sirloin patties no ordinary burger will ever do. So fire up the grill and try them today!


8 x 11oz.

The Chateaubriand is the "filet mignon of roasts". This cut of beef is actually uncut filet mignon in roast form. Very tender and very lean, carved only from the finest aged, western grain-fed beef. Considered a luxury roast, an excellent choice for dinner parties.

Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin

24 x 4oz.

Our incredible tenderloin filet mignons are a celebration in themselves. Our filets are slowly aged for luscious flavor and buttery tenderness, then hand-carved from the center of the tenderloin. The number one choice for special occasions, filet mignons are the epitome of taste, when complemented with wild mushrooms and creamy potatoes.

T Bone Steaks

9 x 12oz.

Familifood's Center Cut T-Bones combine the rich flavour of the New York Strip and the tender bite of a Filet. They are trimmed of most of its fat and cut for a great presentation.

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