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Cooked Jumbo Shrimp

150 - 170

If you love shrimp, you'll flip for these big, meaty, Jumbo Shrimp. They'll arrive at your door deveined, butterflied, and peeled with the tails left on, so they're ready to prepare any way you like. They're simply wonderful!

Breaded Shrimp

Our lightly breaded butterfly shrimp are perfect for lite snacks or on a seafood platter. They are ovenable which gives you crispness without the hassle of frying!

Alaska King Crab Legs

Guests will be dazzled by these elegant portions of King Crab Legs filled with tender, white meat. Fully cooked and immediately frozen, our King Crab Legs make a splendid entree that couldn't be more elegant ... or easier to serve!

Rock Lobster Tails

This is the one ...the standard of elegance by which all seafoods are judged! Our luscious Rock Lobster tails come from the prized lobster beds of the Caribbean. The shells turn a beautiful orange-red with cooking, and yield their firm, sweet meat to be dipped in butter and savored. Flash frozen for freshness.

Dil Cognac Salmon Filets

14-15 portions

Our Dill cognac marinated Salmon is produced with the highest quality natural ingredients. Ready to Cook!

Boned Rainbow Trout Filets

10-15 portions

Our Filets are portions cut from one side of a rainbow trout, commonly know as filets. The pinbone, or main bone, has been removed. They are easy to cook, especially in single portions. And, there are no bones to worry about.

Arctic Char Filets

With a succulent texture and a distinctive flavor somewhere between salmon and trout, Arctic char is adored more than salmon in some circles. In Canada, it has become an official banquet food for many affairs of state and is even served to the Queen of England when she visits.


Tasty Icelandic Scallops individually frozen ready for your favorite dish.

Halibut Steaks

These luscious steaks are lean and delicate with a slightly sweet flavor. Delicious!

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