Seafood Recipes

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Basic Ways of Cooking Fish (Canadian Rule)

Dont Overcook!

This is the most important advice to be given about the cooking of fish. Excess cooking will only dry it out and make it flavorless. Fish is naturally tender. it should be cooked just to firm the flesh.

All fish, either fillets, steaks or whole fish should be cooked according to Canadian Rules; Measure the fish at its thickest point – its depth, not across the fish – and cook it exactly 10 minutes per inch. If fish is 1/2 inch thick, cook 5 minutes; if it is 1-inch thick, cook 10 minutes; if it is 1-1/2 inches thick, cook 15 minutes; etc. This is foolproof and eliminates all that testing and flaking and the fish looks prettier as a result. The Canadian Rule applies to every sort of preparation – baking, broiling, braising, sauteing, frying, poaching and steaming. If the fish you are using is still frozen, double the time – 20 minutes per inch of thickness, plus or minus any fraction thereof. The Canadian Rule does not apply to shellfish.

The following recipes can be used with any of our various fish fillets i.e. orange roughy, sole or trout fillets.