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Choose from our finest selection of portion-controlled steaks, meats, seafood, and gourmet foods.

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Our products are sold directly to the public online and through independent distributors, and are delivered right to your door. Free Delivery Across Southern Ontario.

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Our versatile recipe booklet filled with helpful hints and time tested recipes will assist you in the preparation and enhance your enjoyment of our fine products.

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Since 1994 our mission is to bring the finest in meat and seafood, once only available to fine restaurants, directly to the public.

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Grass-Fed Grain Finished Natural Beef

Familifood selects the finest grass-fed grain finished beef for superior marbling, flavor and tenderness.


Federally Inspected for Quality

Our products and practices are all inspected to assure the best quality.


Naturally Aged for 21 to 28 Days

This process locks in the full flavor and tenderness of the beef.



For perfect, consistent portions every time.



To arrest freezer burn and safe-guard product flavour.



To lock in freshness. Enjoy perfect flavour, tenderness and juiciness every time.


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Choose from over 120 delicious entrees and receive personal service to your home or office.

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